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“Cordi e Vento” invites you to their first online live streaming on of! Cordi e Vento means “strings and wind”, so the name of the band refers to the way in which the sound is produced by the instruments played by the musicians: Andreas Haniotis on violin and Giannis Argyropoulos on classical guitar are Cordi and Stefanos Hatzianagnostou on the flute and Katerina Hadjichristodoulou on the song, Vento. So on Sunday, November 29, they will have the pleasure to present you a program that they prepared with great taste and consists of their adaptations of yesterday’s favorite songs, reaching today’s songs. Listen and see how the melodies of M. Hatzidaki, M. Theodoraki, M. Loizou meet with those of Ch. Leontis, D. Lagiou, T. Papakonstantinou, Arleta etc. They are waiting for you with great pleasure to enjoy with them this musical journey as a company that connects us all with the common love for the good, quality song! Good listening!