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And They Built Churches

. A Sound-bath by Labros Filippou. Avant-garde meets Meditation music. What would you like to hear today? Chat with us Live, during the show. Let the artist know…

And They Built Churches presents an interactive healing session | Duration: Unknown

The artist will build an audio performance from scratch, according to your needs. Put your headphones on and chat with us putting on a request as the show goes on. What would you like to hear? You’ll get more information via our chat in regards to the audience’s involvement to this show during the performance.


  • This event is a combination of vocal performance and meditative ritual, through melodies and frequencies. All sounds are created with voices. No pre-recorded sounds or samples. In order to receive the most out of this session, headphones (earphones) or great quality speakers are recommended.

A note from Labros Filippou (ATBC): And They Built Churches  is the name of this project and what I’m offering here is an avant-garde sound-bath, as they call it in the language of meditation and sound therapy. It is a bath of sound of melodies & frequencies with psychedelic hues.

It consists of Byzantine hymns, Shamanic voice drones, voices of animals and the nature, numbers and a wide range of frequencies – from very low to countertenor notes.